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Natalya shared that her sister Tatyana Goncharenko, who is now in Ukraine, is lying with a serious illness. As it turned out, the woman learned about the disease 11 years ago. Thanks to early diagnosis, the cancer receded. But recently he returned again, and now the doctors shrug, saying that Tatyana has practically no chance of surviving.

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Friske spoke about the state of a relative. “Unfortunately, she had a relapse. And not just a relapse, but with metastases to the spine and liver. We are looking for any ways to help: both financial and organizational. We want to transport her to Russia, now we will find out all the nuances. If the doctors here don’t take care of her, then Israel,” said 36-year-old Natalia.

The star sister noted that she was very worried about Tatyana. “The girl really wants to live, the girl is still young and really wants to help,” she added.

The artist's family still remembers with pain the departure of Zhanna
The artist’s family still remembers with pain the departure of Zhanna

So, Natalia turned to her friends, subscribers with a request for help. Tatyana’s family announced a fundraiser for treatment, as the clinic’s bill is too much for them. Goncharenko shared that she was already preparing for treatment in Israel, she only had to wait for the necessary documents.

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Friske supported her sister. “Sister, everything will be fine,” Natalya writes. Tatyana’s acquaintances also supported her and hope that they will be able to raise the necessary amount. “We are praying for you. You are strong, you will overcome everything, we love you! Strength to you to cope with this disease! You definitely have to cope, ”they say.

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