World news: an air raid signal sounded in Moscow, which pretty much frightened the inhabitants of the capital of the Russian Federation – World – TSN


On the afternoon of July 30, residents of one of the metropolitan areas of Moscow were pretty scared by an air raid signal that sounded for more than 20 minutes.

Not accustomed to hearing such sounds, residents of Moscow immediately began to complain to the relevant services.

About it report Russian telegram channels.

According to Baza, the emergency alert system was included due to someone’s negligence. They assure that there was no real threat. EMERCOM employees they could not immediately turn it off, it took them more than 20 minutes.

Note that the last time sirens sounded in Moscow on July 20. Then the air raid signal was turned on to check the “readiness of warning systems” for the type of emergency situations, including natural and man-made ones. This was the first test of sirens in Moscow since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

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