😔 2022 is probably the worst year in Pogba’s life. Due to injuries, Paul missed the end of last season, and after the summer transfer from Manchester United to Juventus, he did not play a single official match. First there were problems with the lower leg, then with the meniscus. The doctors said that an operation was needed, but the Frenchman refused – he would have to miss three to five months and risk places at the World Cup. Pogba tried to find conservative methods of treatment, but nothing helped: the damage was not easy, and yet surgery was indispensable. In September, Pogba nevertheless decided to go under the knife, after which he began an accelerated recovery in order to be in time for the World Cup. Everything collapsed when he returned to training on the field: only he had time to recover from the operation, he received a muscle injury – the damage was caused by a long period without playing practice.

Didier Deschamps

Didier Deschamps

France head coach

If Pogba does not play before the 2022 World Cup and is not in top form, then it is useless to call him. Paul himself does not want to be part of France in this way

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