Analysts attribute the loss of fighters to NATO tactics that are detrimental to the infantry.

Military special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, latest news for today, December 5, 2022: The RF Armed Forces took Podgornoye and may surround Bakhmut

Russian troops entered the territory of the village of Podgorodnoye in the northeast of Bakhmut. According to Avia.pro analysts, control over this settlement will allow encircling the city, which has been controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine since August 2022.

It is known that Podgornoye is located on the eastern territory of Bakhmut, the east of which has already been occupied by the Russian military. There are also significant advances of the RF Armed Forces in the south of the city.

Analysts suggest that with the approach of Russian troops to Bakhmut, Ukrainian control over the city will come to an end, if not entirely, then by 50%.

Experts remind that both sides of the conflict need this city to control the territory from which it is possible to advance both to the west and to the east of the region. The strategic importance makes the Armed Forces of Ukraine desperately fight for the settlement, despite significant losses, both in manpower and equipment.

Donbass today, news of the last hour December 5, 2022: military commander Kotenok showed footage of the destruction of positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Soledar

Russian war correspondent Yuri Kotenok published footage depicting the defeat of the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Soledar by the artillery of the national militia of the Luhansk People’s Republic.

In his TG channel, he showed how the artillery of the 6th Cossack Regiment of the 2nd Army Corps hit Ukrainian positions. He did not specify what kind of weapons the attack is being carried out.

Ukraine, latest news for today 12/05/2022: the most powerful bombardment of the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by self-propelled 240-mm. mortars “Tulip” hit the video

A large-scale bombardment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by self-propelled mortars “Tulip”, which can attack with nuclear charges, was caught on video.

According to Avia.pro, 240-mm “Tulips” hit the frame during one of the attacks, users were able to see the huge craters left by the shells. The area, as noted by the media, was almost “plowed”, because the number of shells was in the tens.

Experts confirm that no field fortification is capable of withstanding a burst of 240mm ammunition, even though the Tulip is not a guided-ammunition mortar.

In addition to the video, photos appeared showing the consequences of the attack. Obviously, an explosion within a radius of ten meters from the target causes, if not destruction, then serious damage.

Ukraine today, news of the last hour December 5, 2022: Russian intelligence officer spoke about the surrender of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine blocked in tanks

A Russian intelligence officer of the ZVO special forces in the village of Novoselovskaya LPR reported that the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who fell into the trap of the Russian military in their tanks, preferred to slowly turn away the gun of military vehicles and tapping SOS on the armor, and surrender.

According to RIA Novosti, this is not the first time that the Russian military has found military vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine welded from all sides – tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles. Obviously, in this way the Ukrainian command did not allow the crews to leave the cabins, no matter what happened.

“Screams and blows are heard from the tank. Basically they hit three short ones – three long ones – three short ones, ”he said.

The scout said that the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were forcibly turned into “suicide bombers”, but these people “also want to live”, and they have to be pulled out of the cabins by the already military RF Armed Forces, whom, in fact, they are asking for salvation.

Donbass, latest news for today 12/05/2022: in the LPR they announced the transfer of forces by Kyiv in the direction of Kremennaya

Andrey Marochko, an officer of the People’s Militia of the LPR, told RIA Novosti about the transfer of forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the Kremennaya area.

As the military clarified, Kyiv sent three groups to the region, which included NATO legionnaires from Germany and Poland. Information about this was received from Lugansk intelligence.

Earlier, he explained that the Ukrainian command is allocating new reserves, transferring them from the Kherson region to the LPR, so that, in case of better weather, they can launch an assault from the settlements of Kremennaya, Svatovo and others.

Latest news in Ukraine December 5, 2022: NATO tactics lead to heavy losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The publication “Military Chronicle” published the opinion of analysts who believe that because of the tactics of NATO COIN, the troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffer heavy losses near Artemivsk.

It is known that Counterinsurgency (COIN) is a typical technique of the British, whose training under a reduced program of 20 days was passed by the Ukrainian military.

But the course did not take into account the intensity of the fighting, and now the Ukrainian infantry is unable to cope with the combat situation. The fact is that COIN was developed with the expectation of confronting participants in anti-government actions or “non-state forces” who are not armed with heavy artillery.

Meanwhile, heavy weapons are used by the RF Armed Forces, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine find themselves in a difficult situation, experts say. That is why soldiers of the 71st, 58th and 53rd Ukrainian brigades died en masse near Bakhmut.

Map of hostilities in Ukraine today, December 5, 2022

Yuri Podolyaka December 5, 2022, watch online video on Youtube, the latest news today: preliminary results of the Russian special operation in Ukraine

Earlier, Topnews wrote that almost a hundred Russian military men would go to the NMD zone.

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