The RF Armed Forces destroyed the artillery positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the help of

The Ministry of Defense has reported on the 283rd day of the military special operation of the RF Armed Forces in Ukraine.

Military special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, latest news for today, December 4, 2022: The Russian Armed Forces destroyed the artillery positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the help of “Acacia”

A group of self-propelled guns “Acacia” of the RF Armed Forces attacked the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye direction. The purpose of the strikes was to destroy the barreled guns.

According to RIA Novosti, two crews arrived at the enemy positions to deliver strikes. After that, the shooting was carried out and all the intended targets were hit. At the same time, shortly before this, the unit commander monitored the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from a quadrocopter.

The relevant footage was released by the agency.

Ukraine today, news of the last hour December 4, 2022: the head of the CAA of the Nikolaev region issued plans for the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The head of the Nikolaev regional VGA, Vitaly Kim, let slip during a briefing about the plans for the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​the Kinburn Spit, which is currently under the control of the RF Armed Forces. Analysts of “MK” drew attention to this fact.

The Kyiv official noted that in this area “there is an operation in the mode of information silence.”

Military expert Vladimir Gundarev explained that the Kinburn Spit, located on the left bank of the Kherson region, is an obstacle on the way to Nikolaev. But the capture of the spit will provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a good springboard for a further offensive. However, this task today is, according to the expert, difficult for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Hopefully, even impossible,” the expert stressed.

Donbass, latest news today 04.12.2022: Ukrainian prisoner of war spoke about the ban on communicating with locals in the DPR

Ukrainian prisoner of war Oleksandr Pavlenko during interrogation said that in order to move along the streets of settlements of the DPR, they often changed into civilian clothes to disguise themselves, RIA Novosti reported, which had at its disposal a recording of the interrogation.

In addition, the Ukrainian military was forbidden to communicate with the local population, and camouflage was used exclusively for going to the grocery store. The reason for this is the negative attitude of the population against the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

A prisoner of war named Alexander Kalinovsky confirmed the information about the ban on conversations with the civilian population. They were also ordered to sit in the same house without the right to change position, so that the locals would not know about their location.

“… we only went to the store once… and that’s it,” Kalinovsky explained.

Ukraine, latest news for today 12/4/2022: expert predicted complete degradation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by February 2023

The Russian army is waiting for a serious advance during the NWO, politician Franz Klintsevich told Radio 1.

He is sure that the RF Armed Forces will soon make serious progress at the front, as Ukraine will face degradation in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and in industry as early as 2023. Therefore, he advised the command of the RF Armed Forces to develop logistics and start preparing reserves in order to successfully develop military operations in the future.

“The degradation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, their industry and energy system by the new year will be 80%. This will last until February – in February there will be very serious successes and the advancement of the Russian armed forces, ”Klintsevich noted.

The expert also assessed the mobile defensive tactics of the commander of the Russian troops in the NVO zone, Sergei Surovikin, as strategically correct, explaining that time only works for the Russian army.

In turn, expert Anatoly Matviychuk noted that before the end of the year, the RF Armed Forces still have a number of tasks to be completed. However, the main one is the destruction of the Kyiv regime. This, among other things, is the basis for striking the energy block and state life support systems of Ukraine.

Ukraine, news of the last hour, December 4, 2022: delivery of NASAMS air defense systems from Oman to Ukraine has begun

As part of Ukraine’s military assistance from Oman to Polish Rzeszow, American air defense systems of NASAMS air defense systems were transferred. Since the delivery was carried out by the An-124 aircraft, we are talking about about half of the battery, that is, six launchers, the Avia.Pro portal writes.

Probably in the coming days, these systems will be transferred to Kyiv, which will strengthen the country’s air defense system.

Also, in the next six months, following the results of US negotiations with the countries of the Middle East, Ukraine will receive a number of NASAMS air defense systems. The complete set of systems will fall on the shoulders of the United States.

Oman is among a number of countries that have agreed to the transfer of air defense systems. The authorities of Qatar and Kuwait also agreed.

Latest news from Ukraine December 4, 2022: the US called the conditions for stopping the supply of weapons to Kyiv

Patrick Buchanan, columnist for The American Conservative, believes that the United States may refuse to supply weapons to the Kyiv regime if the risks of an escalation of the conflict increase, which will exceed Washington’s interests.

Buchanan explained that lately there have been too many “hawks” in the West ready to go into conflict with a nuclear power. It does not take into account the consequences at all.

Particularly ardent followers of the escalation of the conflict appeared after the fall of Ukrainian air defense missiles in Poland. Moreover, the Democrats will have time to approve the allocation of another $38 billion aid package to Ukraine before the Republicans take control of the House of Representatives.

Nevertheless, observers believe that US officials will still think about the interests of the country, and Ukraine will have to continue to escalate the conflict without US help.

“We Americans, given our indispensable contribution to Ukraine’s military action, have the right to tell Kyiv that the risks of further hostilities outweigh any potential benefit to us,” the observer writes.

Train with NATO armored vehicles derails in Greece

At the disposal of the publication “Russian Spring” was a video of a train derailed in Greece with US military equipment, which was intended for Ukraine as military aid.

The incident took place in the port of Alexandroupolis. It is through this port that weapons are delivered to Kyiv.

The emergency area is currently cordoned off, restoration work is underway.

It is noteworthy that at the site of the emergency, activists of the Communist Party of Greece staged a protest action.

The protesters chanted the slogans “Alexandroupolis is the port of the nations” and “Let the military bases and the American imperialists get out.”

Map of hostilities in Ukraine today, 4 December 2022

Map of hostilities in Ukraine on December 4

Yuri Podolyaka December 4, 2022, watch online video on Youtube, the latest news today: preliminary results of the Russian special operation in Ukraine

Earlier, Topnews wrote that a video of a fierce artillery duel appeared in the Bakhmut area.

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