Experts explained why the Russian Armed Forces used C-300 air defense for strikes on Ukraine
Ukraine 11/02/2022, latest news today: military special operation in Ukraine, latest news, what is happening now, November 2

The Ministry of Defense has reported on the 251st day of the military special operation of the RF Armed Forces in Ukraine.

Russian military special operation in Ukraine, latest news for today, November 2, 2022: Putin called the conditions for the resumption of Russia’s participation in the grain deal

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia would return to the grain deal only with the provision of security guarantees by Kyiv, as well as the announcement of the refusal to use the agreement for its own military purposes.

Putin stressed that the humanitarian corridor was created to transport Ukrainian grain, and not strike “on the infrastructure and ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, which ensured the safe functioning” of this corridor.

The same conditions were announced a little earlier by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin in a conversation with Turkish Ambassador to Russia Mehmet Samsar.

Ukraine today, last hour news November 2, 2022: Russian Armed Forces and allied forces occupied most of the village of Pavlovka near Vuhledar

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, represented by the DPR OBTF and Russian marines, seized the tactical initiative along almost the entire line of contact in the Donbass.

As the publication writes “Military Review”the Russian military is successfully developing an offensive in the Ugledar direction.

At the same time, the settlement of Pavlovka was completely taken under control.

Also, the RF Armed Forces occupied crossings near the Kashlagach River, which in the future will lead to the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be further knocked out of the section of the Pokrovsk-Bakhmut-Mikhailovka highway.

Against this background, military commander Yevgeny Poddubny predicted the acceleration of the process of liberation of Donbass and Zaporozhye.

It is noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine also continue to retreat, despite receiving reinforcements in the form of the transfer of heavy equipment: artillery and aviation of the RF Armed Forces are working out the reserves.

First Deputy Minister of Information of the DPR Daniil Bezsonov believes that it is too early to enter Ugledar, and it is only necessary to cut off the possibility for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to access the Ugledar-Marinka highway through Novomikhailovka. Thus, the APU will be surrounded.

Ukraine, latest news today 11/02/2022: explosions thunder in Kharkiv region – media

According to Ukrainian media, explosions are heard in the Kharkiv region.

Such information was also distributed in local publics.

No details are given. Air alert in the region was not announced.

Donbass, latest news today 11/2/2022: Ukrainians were offered to spend the winter in villages due to lack of heating

Yuriy Korolchuk, an analyst at the Institute for Strategic Studies, called on Ukrainians to move to villages with stove heating in order to survive the winter. Korolchuk stressed that in the absence of heating, electricity and water, the population has only one way out in the form of evacuation.

He is sure that only heating with firewood will help Ukrainians not to freeze this winter. An exception in large cities will be mass heating points.

According to the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko, the Kyiv authorities are preparing more than 1,000. heating points. Such a measure is taken in the event of a lack of electricity, water and heat supply in the city.

The mayor explained that during the preparation, any scenarios for the development of events are being considered, for which electric generators have already been purchased, as well as water supplies and everything necessary for the first time. These points will provide other assistance as needed, including recharging your phone.

Ukraine, news of the last hour, November 2: experts explained why the Russian Armed Forces used C-300 air defense to attack ground targets in Ukraine

According to the report of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valeriy Zaluzhny on strikes on Ukrainian energy facilities, 22 anti-aircraft missiles from C-300 systems were also hit on the country’s territory.

The current air defense specialist commented on the situation on condition of anonymity. According to him, the S-300 complexes at the development stage were equipped with the ability to attack not only air targets, but also hit ground targets. Moreover, the first test firing was carried out back in 1996 and was successful.

He also assured that the S-300s could, among other things, strike at columns of tanks, fortifications, as well as protected equipment.

During the SVO, the complexes began to be used by the decision of the military leadership, referring to the experience of the past, as well as the presence of a large number of old-style missiles suitable for the intended purposes.

“So why not use them to destroy objects in Ukraine? This is much more productive than simply disposing of them in old age, ”he concluded.

The situation in Ukraine today, 02.11.2022: the former commander of the ATO Zabrodsky predicted the creation of powerful strike groups of the RF Armed Forces

General and former commander of the ATO Mikhail Zabrodsky believes that in the Zaporozhye and Sumy directions of the RF Armed Forces, two strong groupings of troops can be trained already in 2023.

The purpose of the creation of these groupings is to “cut” the territory of Ukraine into two parts by counter strikes by troops, the general explained. The first direction of attack from the north will be carried out by attacking Sumy, Poltava and the Dnieper, and from the south to Zaporozhye and the Dnieper.

As a result, as Zabrodsky emphasized, the RF Armed Forces will simply encircle the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the left bank of the Dnieper. In addition, the implementation of such a plan will give the RF Armed Forces the opportunity to block the logistics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In order to prevent such a development of events, Zabrodsky recommended that Kyiv and the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine form new operational groupings of troops just in the Sumy regions and east of Zaporozhye.

Each of them should have 4-5 combined arms, 2-3 tank and 1-2 artillery brigades, have weapons of up to 600 tanks, 1100 armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, 500 artillery pieces and MLRS.

CNN: Iran is going to send about a thousand weapons to Russia

Information Agency CNN announced Iran’s readiness to send weapons to Russia to carry out the NMD on the territory of Ukraine. The delivery package, according to the agency, will include about 1,000 weapons, including ground-to-ground short-range ballistic missiles and 450 UAVs.

Exact delivery dates are not announced. Preliminarily, this should happen by the end of this year.

Western officials have come to the conclusion that Iran supports Russia. In the United States, in turn, they noted that they did not have such data.

Map of hostilities in Ukraine for today, November 2, 2022

Yuri Podolyaka November 2, 2022, watch online video on Youtube, the latest news today: preliminary results of the Russian special operation in Ukraine

Previously Topnews wrotethat the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to use Himars MLRS fragmentation missiles.

These projectiles guarantee a great damaging effect.

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