Hello guys, welcome back to Aneka Laptop Reviews! here we are going to do a detailed review and pick the top five best gaming laptops by Toshiba 2021 so let us get started and the review based on our studies and small research. If you have any personal suggestion do let us know in the comment section.. So let’s get started.

The Toshiba Tecra Z 40s black plastic case has a textured surface with a simple strided pattern that makes it easy to grab and hold it simple unadorned look appeals to my minimalist taste, but many users will find it bland. Likely because of its optical drive. The Tecra is 44 pounds 13.4x 9.6x 0.9 inches is a little bigger and heavier than 14 inch competitors like the Lenovo ThinkPad T 460 3.8 pounds 13.35x 9.15x 0.83 inches, the Dell Latitude ie 54 73.88 pounds 13.2x 9.1x 0.9 inches and the HP EliteBook 745 G 3.4 pounds 13.3x 9.3x 0.74 inches.

Toshiba Tecra Z40

The consumer targeted Lenovo IdeaPad 300 s weighs just 3.6 pounds and measures only 13.38x 9.45x 0.77 inches. Because of its shallow keys which offer only 1.26 millimeters of travel 1.5 to two millimeters is normal. The tech received 40 is far from a touch typist stream using the one zero fast fingers.com typing test. I banged out a feeble 40 words per minute and I wasn’t particularly comfortable doing so. The spill resistant keyboard also lacks a backlight. So forget about finding the tilde key on a dark airplane.

Toshiba tecra c40

The Toshiba tecra C 40s 14 inch 13 66x 768 display outputs dim blend images with minimal screen real estate the black plastic Toshiba tecra a 50 gets a small dash of style from its textured lid and deck but glossy sides give the laptop a less than premium feel overall. On the plus side this is one of the rare laptops with a removable battery. A feature we’re always pleased to find weighing 4.8 pounds.

The Toshiba tecra a 50 0.95 inches is heavier than the 14 inch Lenovo ThinkPad T 460 3.8 pounds with three cell battery and 4.2 pounds with six cell battery but lighter than the 15.6 inch Dell Latitude ie 55 75.6 pounds. At 14.94x 10.13x 0.95 inches. It’s about as thick as the latitude ie 5570 0.9 inches and ThinkPad T 460 0.83 inches. When I watched a Suicide Squad trailer on the 15.6 inch 13 76x 768 panel, I was distracted by the visual noise that permeated the entire clip. What should have been green grass on the White House lawn appeared as if it had suffered through a drought and the Joker’s skin looked even more sickly than intended, while a 13 68x 768 screen may cut it on a smaller 11 inch notebook. Putting a low resolution panel onto a 15.6 inch display places a harsher spotlight on visual blemishes like digital artifacts. The Latitude E 5570 and ThinkPad. T 460 also start with low res displays, but both can be configured with 1080 DPI screens while the A 50 cannot. According to our colorimeter the tecra a 50s display produces only 64% of the sRGB spectrum that’s lower than the average mainstream notebook 87% and Dell Latitude ie 5570 107%.

Toshiba Tecra a50

The Portege Z 30 s Kosmos silver exterior features the typical to Sheba flair, a subtle etching made to mimic wood grain. But this aesthetic fits better on Toshiba’s black devices than its silver ones. Even postmodernists will admit silver and wood are rarely complimentary. Its keys and bezel are black, which gives the interior a two tone appearance. It’s not unattractive, nor is it striking or particularly original. The cosmos silver paint job is also to dark to effectively contrast against the black keys. Like its exterior, the Z 30s interior reinforces the no flash here, just business theme. The Portage Jay Z 30 At least ticks all the compulsory Ultrabook boxes. The device has a thin clean profile and is very well balanced. No matter the surface table tray or lap the Z 30 Never tips or wobbles. It sits flat even when you have the screen leaning all the way back. Most importantly, the Z 30 is light. It’s a spell 2.65 pounds lighter than both the Lenovo Yoga 902.84 pounds and the Asus Zenbook UX 303 3.2 pounds of its ultra book competitors only the 2.47 pound Dell Latitude 13 will make your business trips easier. Slyke Fraynd Ultra books sometimes suffer from flimsiness, but not the Portege Z 30. It feels sturdy and well constructed. The one bendable component, the screen is a purposeful design choice to help prevent cracking. The Z 30 is also spill and drop resistant as expected. Toshiba prioritizes build quality in their devices, though this is often to the detriment of other aspects like aesthetics and power. The Z 30 achieves this durability without adding weight and profile killing plastic fairing. It’s a design element that shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, business users need a device that will survive the rigors of travel in planes, trains and automobiles. The base of the portege z 30 is as busy as its business users. In addition to a backlit keyboard and touchpad there’s a pointing stick or acupoint as to Sheba calls it both pointing devices come with delineated left and right mouse buttons. In the final tally, the Z 30 gives you two ways to mouse around and free ways to click if you include tapping on the trackpad itself.

Portege z30

There’s also an enterprise standard fingerprint scanner and an array of indicator lights each for plugs slash battery status, power on off and hard drive usage. It seems to Shiva went with the age old chef strategy, throw everything into the pot and nobody will complain. Toshiba’s entire laptop line has been slightly redesigned for the 2013 back to school season. Although the s 55 ta 5277 Isn’t radically different from previous Toshiba Satellite models. The body is a mix of brushed aluminum and black plastic with an understated two tone design that would work in an office coffee shop or at home. If the system cost a few $100 More, it would be too plastic feeling but it’s priced it’s just right. While not as thin and light is razors blade gaming laptop, the s 55 ta 5277 is close to other 14 and 15 inch Ultrabook style laptops we’ve seen although that term is used too extensively these days to cover a very wide range of sizes and weights

Toshiba Dynabook

Toshiba Dynabook satellite pro l 50 GPB. S 12 e 030004 Eon is made up of entirely plastic and it weighs only 1.70 kilograms that makes it super reliable for transportation. This dynamic laptop is specially designed to deal with the Office works because it offers battery time more than 11 hours in 30 minutes. The Cortana voice Windows Hello biometric login, face authentication and fingerprint sensors directly log into the system without entering the password. Through this review, the users will get an idea about the benefits and downsides of Toshiba Dynabook satellite pro l 50 GPB s 12 e 030004 e n Toshiba Dynabook satellite pro l 50 G PBS 12 e 030004 Ian offers a greater degree of connectivity 10x more with your working environment via USB type C three further USB ports, HDMI and gigabit long one SD card slot and headphone jack for quick data transfer. It provides a multitasking facility without getting slow or becoming hot. The thin cooling pipe at the base of the laptop disseminates heat and keeps it cool. The processor offers dual storage capacity due to SSD and HDD integrated into the laptop. The high level of performance is achieved with the help of the Intel Core i three dash 10110 You processor that swiftly processes the information. The decent sized touchpad enables gentle scrolling, zooming and swiping while using a laptop. HD TFT nonreflective high brightness display provides wide angle display property on the screen dot future proofed performance that won’t break the bank boasting a 10th generation Intel Core processor and a combination of SSD and HDD storage alongside a USB type C port and powerful Wi Fi six

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