There is a CS competition. It took so much electricity that 10 Pindo grandmothers had to be turned off – eSports and games

Comedians made fun of esports on Bad Sports News.

We have launched a CS prediction contest! You can win a lot of prizes

“Recently, sports news in our country has become much less, so we had to start inventing it,” says the intro of the show “Bad Sports News”.

The essence of the show is that 4 presenters (comedians Azamat Musagaliev and Denis Dorokhov, actress Yana Koshkina and blogger German El Classico) read from the teleprompter the text of news that the presenters have not seen before. Some news items may not have an ending, in which case the presenters need to improvise and come up with their own.

“I’m at the Esports World Cup in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here, for some reason, for the sake of those concerned ######## [молокососов] closed the casino.

Participants drink so many energy drinks that they already have sweet snot. I don’t know how to describe them, but they all look like Zoya Yarovitsyna.

The competition promises to be interesting, I even noticed San Sanych here.

There are two thousand people here. Right now, one of the athletes is rushing mid on Puja, which, it seems to me, means,” actress Yana Koshkina read the teleprompter in her segment about eSports, but could not finish the phrase: “### [кто ж] knows I won’t have a choice. Rashit or Rashit? Lord, Rashid, I’m sorry.

“Now there is a competition in Counter-Strike. There are ten thousand computers turned on at the same time, it took so much electricity that ten Pindo grandmothers had to be disconnected from the ventilator,” Yana Koshkina ended the eSports segment of the show.

In 2018, at the Comedy Club on TNT, Pavel Volya ridiculed the appearance of Topson, who won TI8.

The most unlucky player in the history of NAVI. He was quickly forgotten, although he was dragging through a very difficult time.

Galeev’s letter in honor of the 9th anniversary of Dota. He has an incredible love for the game.

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