The stepfather who killed a 5-year-old boy was caught on video with a corpse in a bag. Man arrested |

On the evening of June 8, 28-year-old Sergei Bugorkov, along with his wife and children, was at home, in an apartment located on Tyulyaeva Street. There, between him and the 5-year-old son of a woman, a quarrel arose, during which the suspect struck multiple blows with his hands on the head of the child. After the conflict, all family members went to bed, and when they woke up in the morning, the couple found the boy with no signs of life.

To hide the traces of the crime, the child’s mother and her husband placed the body in a bag, on the same day Bugorkov took the corpse into the forest belt and buried it on the banks of the Kuban River in the Gidrostroy area.

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Two days later, with the aim of staging the loss, the family went to rest in those places. The boy’s mother soon reported the missing son to the police. Like, he went to feed the cat and disappeared.

Soon the couple confessed to their deed. Today, at the request of the investigator, the suspect was taken into custody in the courtroom. During the inspection of the scene, the body of a child was found. A forensic medical examination has been ordered to determine the exact cause of death.

“In the criminal case, a complex of investigative actions aimed at collecting and fixing the evidence base continues. During the investigation, the possible involvement of the mother of the deceased boy in the commission of this crime will also be verified. During the investigation of the criminal case, the living conditions and upbringing of the child in the family will be carefully studied and the causes and conditions that contributed to the commission of this crime will be established, ”the Investigative Committee for the Krasnodar Territory reports.

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The victim’s mother is now free. It is known that she is pregnant and expecting her fourth child. All children are born from different men. According to some reports, the woman was fined for prostitution. Relatives had previously tried to restrict her parental rights. All attempts were in vain and the children remained to live with her, and soon with another stepfather.

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