The black market has changed the rules of the game – what is happening to the dollar

We tell what currency speculators offer Ukrainians on May 24

The dollar on the black market finally went down

The dollar on the black market finally went down / Photo: UNIAN, Collage: Today

The dollar exchange rate on the black market of Ukraine, after a period of long and record growth, has finally gone down.

About it testify data of the specialized site “Course of Ukraine”.

The average selling rate on May 24 was 37.1 UAH/USDand the purchase rate is 36.6 UAH/USD

On the chart, you can see that the curve has steadily gone down:

The dollar on the black market went down

The dollar on the black market went down / Photo: screenshot

Among the offers for sale you can already find a course 36.8 UAH/USDand the highest is 38.4 UAH/USD

PrivatBank changed currency rules

On May 21, the NBU canceled restrictions for banks and allowed the dollar to be set at such rate as they themselves found acceptable.

Immediately after that, Roman Sulzhyk, a member of the bank’s supervisory board, said that PrivatBank had set a conversion rate or a card rate that was in effect before the restrictions were lifted and was not going to raise it.

However, already on May 24, the card rate in this bank increased up to 32.57 UAH/USD from 32.05 UAH/USD

He also raised the Monobank rate, the currency rose by 50 kopecks, before the restrictions were lifted, it was 31.5 UAH, and now – 32 UAH / USD.

At the same time, the National Bank believes that the removal of foreign exchange restrictions will help improve the efficiency of the cash market and reducing exchange rate fluctuations On him.

Specialists of the Center for Economic Strategy are also confident that in the coming weeks the course can be rolled back to more acceptable positions, and the number of speculations will decrease.

“Segodnya” previously wrote about what is happening with the dollar in Ukrainian exchangers, and told who criticized the National Bank’s decision to release the bank rate to the nines and why it is dangerous for the financial institutions themselves.

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