Telegin arranged a date for his wife in a helicopter, while Averbukh and Liza are resting by the sea. Social networks of stars |

Ivan Telegin with his wife Maria Gonchar
Ivan Telegin with his wife Maria Gonchar

Maria shared footage of a small adventure on her personal blog. Netizens wished the couple happiness and passion for years to come. “A beautiful couple!”; “Let your feelings not fade away!”; “A wonderful romantic date!”; “Breathtaking!” subscribers share.

By the way, Maria Gonchar rarely shares the details of her life with her ex-husband Pelageya. The athlete himself also does not like to draw much attention to himself.

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Recall that Telegin divorced singer Pelageya Telegin in December 2020, for a long time the former spouses shared property. Only recently this issue was resolved in favor of the artist raising her daughter Taisiya from Ivan.

Liza Arzamasova and Ilya Averbukh are also not bored. Recently, the couple went on vacation to Turkey. The actress sometimes shares footage from her travels and demonstrates seascapes. It is not known whether the couple took their son Leva with them, who will turn one in August.

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“I think that we will try to give him to figure skating. But I will try to immediately objectively assess its capabilities, to take a sober look at my child. If I see that it is not his, I will not strive to realize my own ambitions. And if, on the contrary, everything will be organic, he will quickly grasp, then why not, ”the athlete once shared his plans.

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