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Ukrainian Svetlana Loboda resumed concert activity after a pause, which she took due to political events in the world. Now she is again waiting for concerts and can even perform for a Russian-speaking audience for 70 thousand euros, however, there are several important points.

As Natella Krapivina, her ex-producer, said, Svetlana does not perform in Russia, but she can sing for a customer, for example, in Dubai. There shouldn’t be any problem with prepayment.

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“If in Dubai, no problem, of course. We have a standard fee of 70 thousand euros for corporate events. But due to the fact that now the situation is so difficult for everyone, we are making 70 thousand euros already with the flight included there. You will not need to deal with the logistics of the group, you will get the artist already on the site, you will only need to organize her stay there – a hotel, a meeting on the spot, a car and daily allowance for the team, ”said Krapivina.

Natella emphasized that most often the artist with the team performs in large restaurants or concert halls, but there were times when Loboda performed right in front of the customer.

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Note that Svetlana started performing again on June 3. She herself announced this on social networks, emphasizing that she had not appeared on stage for three months. Social networks publish a video from her corporate party in Yerevan. But the show in Vladivostok, which was supposed to take place on June 25, was canceled.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that in April Loboda was included in the list of artists who are banned from entering Russia for the next 50 years. There are 31 people there in total, each of them opposed the special operation to protect Donbass.

Based on materials REN-TV.

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