Sobchak: “Marina Ovsyannikova continues her tour of Ukraine. And now it receives from both sides» |

The name of the Channel One editor became known to viewers after the incident on the air of the Vremya program. In March, Marina Ovsyannikova broke into the frame and, with a poster in her hands, stood behind Ekaterina Andreeva. Many then regarded the woman’s act as hooliganism, since such actions live on the TV channel are not at all acceptable. Marina got off with a fine of 30 thousand rubles and soon quit the federal channel and found a job in a German publication. Recently, she decided to organize a meeting with the Ukrainian media, but the people of Kyiv were categorically against such an idea. The former editor was called a double agent. As a result, the planned event was cancelled.

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“After the canceled press conference in the editorial office of the Ukrainian Interfax, the journalist Die Welt went to Odessa (where she was born), and then returned to Kyiv. And now it’s on both sides. In recent tweets, Ovsyannikova talks about the app with information about air raids, and also marvels at empty streets and curfews. In replays and comments, she is required to leave Ukraine, ”TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak commented on the situation of Ovsyannikova.

The solidarity of Ovsyannikova was not pleasing to the Ukrainians. Some suggest that the former employee of Channel One is collaborating with the Russian special services. Thus, Marina was not needed either at home, or abroad, or in Ukraine.

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As you know, now Ovsyannikova works as a correspondent in Germany, she lives alone in a rented apartment and misses her relatives and family. “Every day brings me difficulties that need to be overcome, so I live one day,” Ovsyannikova complains.

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