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Sadalsky and Vasilyeva have been on the theater stage together for more than 15 years. They became really close friends, spent time together, exchanged experiences, news. However, all this is in the past.

Today, the actor revealed the reason for the discord between him and his colleague. He reproached Tatyana Grigoryevna for her excessive love for money, while for him human relations come first.

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“She is lying! And she doesn’t care what to say. She will say anything for money. The main thing is to pay more. All the time she says that she needs to feed the children, – explains the lead actor in the film “The meeting place cannot be changed. – They didn’t let me into Ukraine, I was banned from entering there, and she immediately replaced me with another artist and went on tour with him to earn money. I was absolutely unimportant to her, she did not even talk to me. She and Ustyugov immediately introduced another artist to our performance “Only Women in Jazz” instead of me. Instantly! And she drove off with him to Odessa. That’s the kind of person she is. But I still forgive her.

By the way, the eldest son of the artist Philip is 44 years old, and her daughter Elizabeth is 36. But 75-year-old Vasilyeva still helps the heirs financially, since they do not seem to work.

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Stas also recalled another case known to him, when a former girlfriend was asked to speak negatively about one politician for a large sum. Sadalsky assures that Tatyana was allegedly paid 300 thousand rubles for this. “Here, the only thing is: they will give money, she will say whatever you want to anyone. She can tell that she has been corrupted since the age of four. But I hope it’s not true, it’s fantasy. Although I’m already full of doubts about this! – the 70-year-old actor is indignant.

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