Putin invaded Ukraine. Actual news. June 17 (updated)

►Ezhednevnik, June 17 – Putin admitted – Nothing is eternal

Ukraine and Moldova are one step away from obtaining the status of Candidate for joining the European Union. The landing of the leaders of Europe in Kyiv. Spies near Putin. June theses at the Economic Forum – Russia’s over-prosperity is inevitable.

►More info with video:



The tugboat of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation “Vasily Bekh”, which hit the Ukrainian military, sank, – the head of the Odessa OVA Marchenko

According to Marchenko, the ship was carrying ammunition and weapons, as a result of the shelling 70% of the crew were hit.

►The United States will transfer missile systems “HIMARS” to Ukraine

Details: “On June 1, the United States committed to provide Ukraine with HIMARS high mobility missile systems and ammunition,” the US Department of Defense said.

►Boris Johnson proposes massive training program for Ukrainian troops – Reuters

Details: The potential for training offered by the British Prime Minister is up to 10,000 soldiers every 120 days, Reuters reports.

“My visit today, in the midst of this war, should send a clear and simple message to the Ukrainian people: Britain is with you and we will be with you until you win,” Boris Johnson said.

►Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson arrived in Kyiv. He has already met with President Zelensky

Visit not previously announced

“Many days of this war have proved that Britain’s support for Ukraine is tough and resolute. I am glad to see the great friend of our country, Boris Johnson, again in Kyiv,” Volodymyr Zelenskyy wrote.

►Recent British intelligence report:

– During the day, the occupying forces probably continued to try to gain momentum in the direction of Popasna to encircle the Severodonetsk pocket from the south.

– In Russia, the war “accelerated the state’s long-term road to authoritarianism”:

“The Duma has begun the process of introducing a 20-year term for Russians who are fighting against the Russian Federation. Speaking out against the invasion is also subject to criminal prosecution,” the report says.

– Despite the statement of the majority of Russians about the support of the “special operation”, part of the population “both actively and passively demonstrates its disagreement.”

Intelligence also writes about the intention of 15 Russian millionaires to leave Russia.

If this exodus continues, it is likely to exacerbate the long-term damage done by the war to Russia’s economy, the report says.

►Tonight, in the vicinity of Zmeiny Island, Harpoon missiles hit the Russian tugboat “Vasily Bekh” – Ukrainian Navy

He transported ammunition, weapons and personnel to the Serpentine.

►Slovenia sent 35 infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine

Slovenia has announced new defense aid for Ukraine due to its fight with Russia. The state sent 35 infantry fighting vehicles to the Ukrainian army.

Slovenian Defense Minister Marjan Sarec did not specify which vehicles would receive the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but we can talk about the Yugoslav M-80A. They are an analogue of the BMP-1 with a 20 mm cannon and an ATGM launcher on the turret.

►This morning, the Russians fired on the multi-storey buildings of Nikolaev. As a result, 1 dead and 6 wounded – head of the OVA Kim

Rescue work is already underway. There are children among the wounded.

►The liberation of Kherson is possible in the second half of the summer. One of the options is to take the city under siege, – Oleg Zhdanov.

Russian soldiers are not ready to die for Ukrainian Kherson. They prefer to run. Cutting off Kherson and taking it under fire control by artillery can force the garrison to surrender or flee.

►The Armed Forces of Ukraine repulsed the assault in the area of ​​Zolote in the Lugansk region, – the General Staff.

▪️In the Donetsk region, near the Bakhmut-Lysichansk highway, the enemy attacked in the direction of the settlement. Vasilievka and Berestovoye.

▪️Near Slavyansk there are heavy battles for Krasnopolye and Bogorodichne. The Armed Forces are on the defensive.

▪️In the Kharkiv region, the enemy conducted reconnaissance in combat near the village of Kochubeevka. Was discarded.

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