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The situation in Kazakhstan has led to the fact that the era of Nazarbayev is over in the form in which it was before, according to Kazakh human rights activist and public figure Yevgeny Zhovtis.

“It is clear that Mr. Tokayev is consolidating power, he has the ability to do something, although I am not sure that there are enough resources to change this socio-economic situation, which permeates the entire state system. Corruption is its blood, the unequal distribution of results – it’s her tendons, nerves and everything else, everything is so built, “said the publication “Power” Zhovtis.

In this situation, Putin and Russia also won, the human rights activist believes, since Moscow “demonstrated that the CSTO is not a dead organization, but can really take some steps to stabilize and security, that a regime friendly to Russia is preserved here.”

Speaking about forecasts for the future, Zhovtis noted that Kazakhstan has “old problems” stretching from the 90s, and that it is necessary to somehow “restore social justice, create a viable political system, develop a normal civil society and try to resolve issues of social justice.”

“[…] otherwise, without solving these fundamental problems, we do not guarantee [что не случится] a similar surge of a different kind of the same nature,” Yevgeny Zhovtis stressed.

“As for the rest, of course, after these events there will be a temptation to tighten the screws to some extent, to centralize more, consolidate and strengthen power,” the expert concludes.

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