Monobank will stop serving some customers – who is left overboard

From April 18, Monobank stops serving some customers and closes their accounts

Some customers can no longer use Monobank

Some customers can no longer use Monobank / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

From Monday, April 18, the Ukrainian bank Monobank stops servicing some of its customers, which is connected with the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

About these changes informed co-founder of Monobank Oleg Gorokhovsky.

Who will have their accounts closed?

So, Monobank stops serving customers who were before the war and still have not left the following territories:

  • Russia;
  • Belarus;
  • Crimea;
  • “L/DNR”;
  • North Korea;
  • Syria;
  • Eritrea.

In general, accounts will be closed for 11,251 people.

“They were recommended cards of the Mir payment system. I urge other Ukrainian banks to follow our example,” Gorokhovsky wrote.

Oleg Gorokhovsky was included in the list of enemies of the Russian people

Earlier we said that the co-founder of Monobank was included in the list of enemies of the Russian people of the so-called Committee for the Protection from Traitors.

“Gorokhovskiy Oleg Vladimirovich is a Ukrainian banker. He expresses hatred for the people of Russia. He calls the Russian people “fascists” and “stupid animals” because their country is conducting a special operation to protect the civilian population in the Donbass” – this is how they describe me in a message on the site, ” – said the banker.

Gorokhovsky also wrote that one can welcome such an event.

“I’m proud, to be honest!” he said in a message.

Together with him, Vladimir Klitschko, journalists Sonya Koshkina, Denis Kazansky, Dmitry Komarov, Vitaly Portnikov, Leonid Shvets, Dr. Komarovskiy, musicians Vladimir Dantes, Vera Brezhneva and many others are also included in the list of enemies.

We used to say that Monobank changed the conditions lending, and also wrote why Ukrainians massively took up arms against this bank.

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