Madly in love and happy. The first photo of Anna Zavorotnyuk with her fiancé |

Recently, 26-year-old Anna Zavortnyuk spent a vacation in the Irkutsk region. The girl rented a luxurious villa on the shores of Lake Baikal and, as it turned out, she was not alone.

Today, the star successor showed a photo taken during the trip. In the frame, she hugs her mysterious fiancé tightly. Anna carefully hides the identity of the chosen one, so this time she did not show his face. However, the brown-haired woman shared a joint picture for the first time, delighting fans.

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“The one who always stays behind the scenes. Favorite. And what is your opinion on this matter: is it necessary to share your personal life on social networks? Or does happiness love silence? — she turned to the subscribers.

Netizens supported the girl in the decision not to talk about the private. “I don’t think it’s worth it, Anna. Let the personal remain personal”; “Not that it is necessary, but it is possible if a person wants to share it. You’re so cute”; “You are a public person, I think you need to focus on the opinion of a young person. If he doesn’t want, then it’s not necessary, and if he doesn’t mind, then at your request, ”the fans advise.

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Last year, Zavortnyuk admitted that she received a cherished offer from her boyfriend. When exactly the wedding is planned, the couple is still keeping a secret. Recall that they met a few years ago while studying in New York. However, despite the foreign education, the man, according to Anna, is a Muscovite.

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