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Latest news in Ukraine and Donbas today 05.12.2022 reports at 12.00

🔹 Macron maintained direct contacts with Putin on Ukraine issues.
🔹 RIA Novosti: Polish mercenaries raped two girls in Nikolaev.
🔹 The Minister of Defense of Lithuania announced plans to transfer 155-millimeter shells to Ukraine.
🔹 National Review: The US used up 13 years of Stinger production and 5 years of Javelin production due to Ukraine’s support.
🔹 Podolyak: the Ukrainian authorities have begun the procedure for the nationalization of Alfa-Bank.
🔹 World Bank: 8 million people in Ukraine will be below the poverty line by the end of 2022.
🔹 Kyiv security forces shelled dormitories in Alchevsk, which housed migrants and builders who were restoring the LPR after the shelling.

Details in the Telegram channel – GO!


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