“I haven’t communicated with Vera for two years”: the former PR director of the singer did not announce the complete emigration of Brezhneva | StarHit.ru

Information appeared in the media that the former PR manager of Vera Brezhneva allegedly said that the singer would no longer come to Russia. Journalists even cite a quote that seems to belong to Anastasia Drapeko: “No, I don’t work (with Vera Brezhneva). Vera Brezhneva is no more (in Russia), she will not return here.

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StarHit contacted Drapeko, who was surprised by the uproar in the media. In addition, she is at a loss for words that she did not say. “I haven’t communicated with Vera since 2020, and, of course, I can’t know anything about her plans,” Anastasia told StarHit. – She did not give any comments regarding her life. The only question I answered today after the lecture at the book fair was “do I still work with Brezhnev.” The answer was negative. Everything else is speculation. In addition, the journalist did not name herself and came up among the audience of the lecture hall, there was no time to talk about projects of the past.”

Drapeko also noted that at the moment she is the PR director of the International Union of KVN, and of the singers she works only with freshman K.KRASH – in an attempt to grow a new artist.

Note that recently information appeared on the Web that Vera Brezhneva, Ani Lorak and other performers would sing together in Turkey – it was understood that there would be Russian spectators there. But after the hype that rose in social networks about this, the organizers abruptly canceled the event, explaining this by the difficult political situation.

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Recall that back in March, Vera Brezhneva left Ukraine – in social networks she often publishes photos of how she is engaged in volunteer activities in Poland. The performer of the hit “I know the password” can be seen in a warehouse in Lublin, where the organization distributes humanitarian aid for refugees.

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