Alright, so today we’re gonna check out the new HP OMEN 16.

We got a Ryzen 750 800 h one terabyte SSD 16 gigabytes of RAM 144 hertz 16.1 inch 19 by 1920 by 1080 p screen and a Radeon RX 660 M for sell 70 watt hour battery think this is probably be the first benchmarks and a retail unit of the 6600 M we have seen the numbers that radiology released some numbers saying that it’s supposed to be comparable in games or better than the 3060.

With very little documentation and the charger looks similar to the omen 15 But it’s a 230 watt laptop charger. Taking a look at the ports on the left side we have our headphone jack a full size SD card reader USBC HDMI 2.1 mini display port, a USB type A ethernet port and the power slot HPs website says this USBC is for DisplayPort and power delivery.

I haven’t tested trying to send video signal through it but I haven’t been able to get it to work for power delivery. Maybe that’s only on higher end models and not actually this base model AMD on the back we just have Vince no ports and switching to either side we just have our two more USB ports the chassis This is the same as the omen 15 Basically from what I can tell just a half inch wider to accommodate the 16 inch screen and my immediate pressure upon opening it was it still has that very large bezel on the bottom. It’s not like the Legion five pro where they just made that bezel thinner and kept it in the exact same size chesses although the size difference between this and the wind 15 is pretty minimal keyboard flex was pretty minimal but it still has that same kind of little bit uncomfortable Screenflex to be fair, I haven’t heard of anyone actually have any problems with their own screen or the hinges on it some of the laptops I get make me plugged them in before they’ll start up and then what’s odd as they normally say they’re at 50% battery.

The Omen just turned right on without plugging it in first or anything the laptop is five pounds and 1.6 ounces or 2.313 kilograms.

If we add on the 230 Watt charger make up to 3.04 kilograms. Now, something I’ve noticed, this is like my fifth laptop I reviewed and first one I’ve gotten that’s come with a manufacturing defect right there at the top right corner of the screen. The bezel doesn’t quite isn’t all the way into the screen housing. I don’t know if this would have any long term effect on longevity Are life of the laptop, but unfortunately means I either need to decide to return this and wait for Best Buy to give me a new one. Or rush my review and finish it before the 14 day return window are in the computer up if we take a look at Zen timings, this does come with good RAM fortunately.

Opening up the Omen gaming software, we have a little network kind of control booster panel, you can control your lighting for your keyboard, you can also download light studio that will give you more advanced effects. And if you’re using HP peripherals like HP keyboard or HP mouse, you can also control them through light studio. And take a look over performance control you can use between balanced and performance. Set the fans on max auto or manual, and it just tells you your system temperatures. Here’s how the speakers sound on max at close to 85 Watts, they’re pretty loud and don’t sound bad. On Max, the fans are a bit noisy at 63 decibels.

The good part is they don’t have any sort of coil whine. But I can hear it’s hard to show color accuracy on camera. Now, this will have up to Quad HD screen, and 100% sRGB. But according to my AP test with on my model, it’s only 55% sRGB and 270 minutes from what I can tell us is using AMDs smart shift technology, the same thing that they’re using in the newest generation of consoles, I can’t even actually get a separate GPU power reading, I can just get on my PS monitor the one thing I get to pick up is this one kind of combined power reading.

On performance mode, the fans in my initial testing do ramp up very quickly. And we see powers ranging 130 to 150 watts. If we switch it to balanced it drops out by about 30 Watts and the fans do settle down some make sure you subscribe so you can see the full view or we’ll take a look at the thermals fan noise over extended gaming. Running the shadow the Tomb Raider built in benchmark on the highest settings, we got 101 frames per second, which is actually better than the score of shadow the Tomb Raider running on an external monitor from the Nitro five I reviewed and hooking it up to an external monitor, we only get a small boost.

And I think this is because of how that smart shift works, it’s not going to make a big difference. And here’s our 3d Mark scores. Interestingly, this video card is so new that 3d Mark doesn’t recognize it just says generic VGA device. And if I look online, it won’t display it just says this isn’t official. So I won’t be able to link online to the test results. Now, every laptop I review, especially from different manufacturers has kind of its own idiosyncrasies, which I don’t normally talk about because, you know, I’m not really sure if it’s user error or something on my end. But out of the box, this laptop’s built in the dedicated graphics card the six 600 M wasn’t working. I couldn’t it wouldn’t run on an external display. It didn’t switch over to add on games. So I downloaded the drivers from AMD first and didn’t fix it. So next I downloaded the drivers from HPs website and it started working. But now the interesting thing is the radio on software won’t open the laptops just like no don’t radio on You’re silly you’re just going to hurt yourself make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss the full review will be Taking a look at a lot more game benchmarks. We’ll test the battery life and I’m also going to be doing a comparison blog between the omen and the Legion five Pro. So you won’t want to miss that.

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