Gradsky’s friend: “Sasha did not have time to do for the children what he dreamed of – to provide, buy housing” |

A close friend of the late musician hopes that everything will be decided in favor of Kotashenko, who alone is raising the little sons of Alexander Gradsky.

“Marina, despite her outward fragility, is a very courageous person. During these six months, she went through so many tests that not every woman can handle. I think I can handle this situation. She takes all the blows with her calmness.

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Knowing her character, I’m sure that the last thing she would like to do is stoop to public showdowns and digging in dirty laundry. Today she is busy raising the younger heirs of Sasha, who are only three and seven years old, ”the source shared with the press.

By the way, after the death of Alexander Borisovich, information appeared that he managed to provide apartments for younger children. As it turns out now, this is not the case.

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“They do not have their own housing – Sasha did not have time to buy them apartments, although he built a house for them and Marina: and today he is in the general inherited mass. Not to mention the fact that the younger sons of Gradsky still grow and grow: they will need to pay for schools, additional education, ”said a close friend of the master.

Surrounded by the musician, they are very sorry that he could not fully enjoy communication with the younger heirs. “Sasha just didn’t have time to do anything for them that he dreamed about. including providing. What to do, we all walk under God… But during his life he could not inhale them. Couldn’t be happier! I only talked about them, about their successes. Just one example: Sasha is a man who smoked every minute for many decades, for the sake of them he quit smoking and did not allow even friends to smoke in the house, ”said the source in an interview.MK“.

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