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The world is getting closer thanks to the unbridled development of technology. Despite the conflicts tearing the planet apart, world news inspires optimism, inspires and helps to make the right decisions.

Keeping abreast of the socio-economic, political and cultural news of the world is simply necessary for every educated person, not to mention those who are engaged in serious business or develop their business.

World View: Achievements and Research

The user can find out the latest news on The portal publishes information about the events in the world, which became known during the last hour.

The news agency finds and receives from its employees the most interesting stories from all over the world.

What topics excite the world, and what events are chained to millions every day?

    • health and coronovirus;

    • hot spots and new conflicts;

    • education and culture;

    • society and show business, the world of cinema;

    • cars of the future and new technologies;

    • projects and concepts.

Technology is developing rapidly and the already fantastic Iron Man suit was first tried on by Chinese and then by British soldiers, flying through the air in areas with difficult terrain, for example in the mountains, in order to be in time for help, is already available. A doctor in a jet flying suit will rush at a speed of 50 km / h.

What inspired the creators, and how soon will the Russian analogue appear?

The unmanned Yandex car and the car without a steering wheel and pedals from General Motors still look exotic, like the first airships. New from GM continues to be tested.

Any world news resonates and can serve as an impetus for good deeds.

Conflicts, politics and business

Whether Israel’s “iron dome” will be breached by chaotic attacks by the Palestinians, or there will be one less conflict in the world, how Iran and the United States will take advantage of the situation to resolve their disputes, and what will happen to oil prices if the Arab League decides to take action – topics for which follow the stock exchanges.

The latest news from China is of interest to programmers, marketers and businessmen. The introduction of the digital yuan since May last year was driven by a desire to build ties with Iran and other states wishing to avoid US and European sanctions on the banking sector. Interest in events in the Middle Kingdom never fades, thanks to the ingenuity of the Chinese, and because of the huge content that is available to access, bypassing certain restrictions.

Read current world newsfind useful information and just relax.

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