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ROG ASUS is famous for the badboy type of gaming laptop, it is a beast!

This super hot product I’m talking about none other than the Asus RG Strix G 513 laptop. This super bad boy right here is rocking the latest and the NVIDIA configuration.

So we’ve got the Ryzen 5900 h x eight core processor, 16 GB of RAM in a dual channel configuration at 3200 megahertz.

We also of course have the RTX 3050 onboard with four gigabytes of V RAM. Additionally, we have a 512 GB solid state drive. It’s also worth noting we have the latest Wi Fi six as well as Bluetooth 5.1 standards onboard. Lastly, this is a 15 inch full HD screen. Depending on the model you buy, you can get a higher resolution. Also it’s clocked at 144 Hertz.

Needless to say, we’re going to do a detailed review to see where this laptop stacks in 2021 If this refreshes enough to keep it amongst one of the most popular gaming choices out there. As always, if you guys enjoyed the content, share this blog to your friends

Let’s get started starting off with a real quick unboxing the RoG Asus Strix comes in new traditional black cardboard box we’ve become accustomed to with previous iterations, which in my opinion still looks pretty epic.

Once you remove the constancy located on the top side and proceed to actually open this massive box. Inside. The first thing you will notice is of course the king itself, the RG Strix and a ton of protective plastic wrapping, once you remove all that from here and there, here it is, in all its glory, it looks exactly I’d expect a modern day gaming laptop to look when they have a bit of weight my new but more than that in just a minute.

Beyond that you have this massive 200 Watt charging brake, which surprisingly isn’t as heavy as expected to be I guess that’s a good thing All Things Considered. Unfortunately, of course, it does have a proprietary cable as opposed to USBC. But again, given the high voltage, I can understand why they went with the proprietary route. Aside from that, you also of course have a D charging cable itself that plugs into the adapter or the wall outlet piece. And finally you have the instruction manual quickstart guide and warranty information you know the stuff you’re never going to actually read from a design perspective, this iteration of Digi 15 retains a design that’s very similar to the previous generations of this laptop, understandably so Asus had a lot of success with that model and it tries to keep a more conservative approach.

Of course that said a few things have changed. First and foremost, this laptop weighs approximately 4.61 pounds, making it one of the lighter gaming laptops in the 15 inch segment. And honestly speaking sometimes the weight can be a little deceiving because the materials user have definitely upgraded since the previous iteration that at least I reviewed. So starting with the top side the first thing to notice is that you now have a full metallic finish on the top side, which is a welcome change. This particular iteration also does have that RG Strix logo it has a reflective surface and yes this logo does light up some versions don’t some do I believe the ones that are specifically marketed do edition usually have the lighting RG Strix logo side from that of course you also have a bunch of past events on the top side. This is a gaming laptop six but holds pretty much everywhere. As you make your way to the rear side of this laptop. The first thing you’re going to notice are those unnormal exhaust vents. This is where essentially all the hot air comes out of and this is a good thing. This means the laptops getting plenty of cooling.

You also of course have a USB 3.2 Type A port, a USB type C port with power delivery capability. You also have a full sized HDMI port, the good old ethernet jack and of course the proprietary DC charging port and again, these second exhaust vent on the underside. As we make our way to the sides of the laptop, you’ll notice a few interesting things. So first, you have one of the two major air intake vent, this is where cooler enters the system. Right next to that of course you have two USB three ports and that means there’s plenty of IO port diversity going on and this laptop overall. On the other side you have the final air intake vent. That means there’s lots of cooling happening this is of course a great thing for a gaming laptop making our way to the bottom side of the laptop. The first thing lunar notice, of course is that you have a hard TPU or plastic finish which is totally normal Again, a bunch of air intake fancies are more passive to maximize airflow.

You’ll also notice you have some Phillips head screwdrivers over here, which means this laptop lid can be taken on for upgradability options. Also, you’ll notice on either corner you do have two speaker grills. This is of course a stereo speaker setup, we will do a sound test later on in the video. As soon as you unfold this laptop, the first thing winner notice is that you have a generous amount of polymer space and you can definitely comfortably rest your palms on this machine. But perhaps even more impressive is the humongous amount of real estate space you have for the trackpad, which means we have plenty of surface area. It’s also worth noting you have a glass surface finish, which isn’t always common for gaming laptops in this price range. And the clicks are very tactile yet subtle at the same time. Most people will probably end up using a mouse when doing hardcore gaming, but this is great for all day use NSLC something I give kudos to Asus for when we make our way to the keyboard I have to give it the rd Strix definitely makes some high quality key caps so they’re not wobbly, they don’t feel cheap or finicky in the slightest.

You also have a robust amount of key travel and whether you’re a gaming or typing in general, it’s going to be a great experience on this keyboard DWSD keys also have this translucent effect going on to kind of emphasize this is a gamers keyboard. Additionally, you’ll notice you have a fully backlit keyboard here with the RGB spectrum and all aces causes their aura lighting and you can customize in the armory create software or the hotkey directly on the keyboard itself. It is worth noting you do not get a 10 key number pad so if you were applying to some extent on the site aside from gaming, you may want to look elsewhere. Also my only bone to pick with this keyboard is the fact that the arrow keys are so minuscule and puny seriously it’s a gaming laptop Asus come on like you know cheer up make bigger keys. So I from that finally, I also want to mention you do not get any biometric support on the laptop so no fingerprint scanner.

Moving on to the hinge quality Asus uses a two tier hinge mechanism system here which is quite reliable, sturdy, there’s very little screen viable and it should last for the years to come as long as you don’t use it like a total maniac. With that you’re going to notice you have a pretty fat chin comparable to my own mind you. With that said you do also have super thin bezels on the side which are actually super sleek looking and more or less in line with 2021 standards. You also have a super sleek and super thin forehead, but don’t get impressed over here, Asus yet again cheaped out and these still don’t include a webcam seriously, it’s such a ridiculous thing to cheap out on. I’m definitely cutting some points from this laptop for just not including a basic crappy 720 p webcam.

Let’s talk about to display quality on this laptop. Just a quick disclaimer depending on the configuration region as well as vendor of this laptop that you purchase from your specifications in terms of display quality will most definitely vary. The one we have here is commonly found on lower end configurations of this laptop like the one we have here today. So for this model, we have a modest resolution of Full HD Arcady P, A 144 hertz refresh rate, which is of course respectable given that this is a gaming machine. Also, we do of course have a IPS panel on here with a 15 inch display. Now where things get a little gloomy for this particular display if you only have a 45% NTSC rating, or approximately 56% sRGB.

While for many people, this won’t be an issue if you are a creative user or someone who has a high emphasis on color quality, you will definitely notice the rather bland colors on the screen. Also, it’s worth mentioning that this particular configuration only comes with a peak brightness of 250 nits, they shouldn’t be enough for most indoor settings. But the minute things get too bright. Whether you have too many lights on in your house, or you’re using it outside with the sun you know hitting screen, you’re going to notice that this display gets easily dominated by external light sources despite being an anti glare screen. So keep that in your equations. Let’s talk about performance. This ain’t your grandpa’s AMD processor.

This is the Ryzen 950 900 h x processor, and it’s a beast of a 8 CORE processor. So of course day to day tasks like web browsing, watching HD videos or typing up a Word document aren’t going to be ultra fast on this machine, you’d expect pick it up a notch and start doing stuff like 4k video editing, that 16 gigabytes of RAM generally speaking is more than ample to handle those kinds of tasks and the processor breezes through it as well. The RTX card of course also helps a ton. So there’s little to no frame drop, you can do multiple layers of 4k editing and it’s going to be a silky smooth experience. But of course only a loser buys a gaming machine for such miniscule tasks or peasant like activities you want to know about the big guns the gaming’s so of course I try a number of games. So what I’ve shown here is Doom eternal. I was able to run on the second highest setting at a consistent 90 Plus FPS despite only having a total VRM of four gigabytes. which is definitely an improvement over previous generations.

Now again that 4GB of RAM also does mean that some moderately gainful, not one at the highest possible setting or may not hit that 144 hertz that you want to get out of this display. I will be doing a full detailed gaming test in another video. So make sure you subscribe to the channel and you’ll be the first one to know about it. I know a ton of you’re wondering just how hot and how loud this machine gets. Well, in terms of thermals, when you’re using this laptop under low activity usage or idle loads, it stays at a CPU temperature for approximately 51 degrees Celsius. Start doing a more resource intensive activities, you hover around a sustained temperature of 80 to 85 degrees Celsius, that includes of course prolonged gaming, at its absolute peak, this machine can hit temperatures of up to 91 degrees Celsius. Of course the fans kick in pretty quickly and start cooling it off at that point. With that said, in terms of fan noise under idle loads, you cannot tell this thing has two fans. I mean, honestly, it’s ultra quiet. It stays around I believe 21 decibels approximately which again is pretty impressive.

At its loudest a fan can hit up to 45 decibels, which is pretty darn loud, but not the loudest as far as gaming laptops go. So again, this is a relatively quiet gaming machine. A wise man once said, I pity the fool who buys a gaming laptop for battery life. Wise Man wise man. Anyway, I found under low usage, this laptop can get up to four hours of sustained battery life at approximately 50% usage. However, of course, the minute you start doing any sort of gaming based activity that drops to around 1.5 hours on average. And if you’re running a really resource intensive game at the highest possible settings with the battery mode, you’re going to drop to about one hour approximately It is highly recommended you play any game of your choice while the laptop is plugged in for optimal performance. Now as I mentioned earlier, this is a stereo speaker setup. I personally found the speakers to be underwhelming in terms of their volume levels and clarity in general, have a quick listen for yourself. We’ll be moving from six feet of done like to take a distance right I want to give those everyday like it’s been the best time to change how we play the game, from the brain to other pieces to pushing the agenda just to stand up and start a revolution.

Rather the configuration we reviewed today is priced at approximately $1,100 USD. Now keep in mind again, depending on the vendor you buy from and the region you’re in, there are multiple variations of this laptop configuration and price will of course vary. But all things considered keeping that price rate and the specifications reviewed in mind. I still think the RG Strix is a fantastic laptop. It has a respectable built quality it’s designed to last it doesn’t feel cheap or finicky like the Asus nitro does, for example. Also, I really appreciate the fact that Asus includes a high quality trackpad and keyboard which also makes us versatile for doing non gaming activities. Unfortunately, your display on this base configuration does leave a lot to be desired, particularly in the brightness department. I will also say that the overall performance of the machine is again edit space configuration. So the four gigabytes of DRAM with the RTX 3050 card here can be a little underwhelming for some games and may restrict you from hitting that 444 hertz at your desire to do so. But again, keeping in mind that this is the base configuration and value machine. You get plenty of gaming performance here there’s a lot of power in this laptop that Ryzen nine chip Destiny blew me away the performance is fantastic. It can breeze through both a gaming and non gaming intensive tasks.

Overall if you are looking for a gaming machine that will kind of be somewhat future proofed for the years to come and play games at relatively high settings. I can wholeheartedly recommend this laptop if you need more power look at the higher configurations and you can also get this in higher refresh rates as well. As always I will be doing a gaming tests because this is of course a gaming laptop.

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